You don’t have to be a brewmaster to make good tasting beer. Hop My Beer hop oils allow you to liven up your beer with fresh hop aroma with a simple drop everywhere you go.

Great Tasting Beer

In a perfectly fresh beer, the hop aroma balances the malty sweetness in the beer. Unfortunately most of the beers we buy in store are 2 months old on average -- the hop note is greatly diminished! That's why the beer tastes flat, bland and boring. A little bit of hop oil will restore the flavor balance, freshen and liven up the beer, so you can have a great tasting beer again!

Easy to Use

Hop My Beer Hop Oil is prediluted in an easy to use dropper bottle. All you need to do is simply add a drop straight into your beer. No equipment, no waiting, no clean up. Tasty beer every time!

Everywhere you go

Just a small bottle in your pocket, now you can hop up your beer everywhere you go.

Variety, variety, variety!

Hop My Beer offers a large variety of hops with different flavor profiles, and we are always adding new ones. It’s fun to try different hops in different beers. You can even make your own blend! The possibilities are unlimited!

All Aroma, No Bitterness

Hop oils enhance the aroma without the bitterness or the heavy hoppy taste.
You don't have to be a hop head to love it!

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