About Us

It was one of those afternoons in the brewery...

We were sitting around tasting beer, one of those annoying tough jobs you have to do working in a brewery, and we lamented how this particular beer just didn’t taste quite right, not as hoppy as it should have been…

“I am going to downgrade this one,” said one guy, “remember that batch two months ago when they added the wrong hop? That was the best tasting beer ever!”
“Don’t you wish you are brewing this beer, jerk!”
“Why can’t we just add more hops?”

Sometimes adding hops to beer seems like such a remote concept… and that’s how we all decided that somebody ought to Hop My Beer!

For most homebrewers, hopping a beer is not a difficult thing. You either add more hops in the brew kettle, dry hop it in the fermenter, or sometimes, you open a commercial beer, drop in some hops, and recap the bottle. Surely it can be done. But what if you are not versed in homebrewing? Or, sometimes, when we are just too tired of doing all the cleaning after a brew, or we are at a bar where we really don’t have much control over our beers, we all wish there’s an easier way to hop up the beer.

Hop oil is not a novel concept. In fact, they have been around for decades. But because it’s tricky to use in a manufacturing setting, it has not been particularly popular commercially. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it! Hop oil can be a quick, easy, and fun way to hop up your beer.

Hop My Beer is a small business with a passion for beer and brewing education. We have lots of fun brewing and tasting beer, and we want to share our fun with you, too!


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Because we are only a small operation, the best way to reach us is via e-mail or the form below. We promise that the lack of a toll-free number will be compensated with personalized care! Besides, we love to talk about beer!