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What is Hop Oil?

Hop Oil is the essential oil from beer hops. It’s only a tiny fraction of the hops (about 1%), and an even tinier fraction of hop oil actually ends up in beer (think ppm!) But it is solely responsible for the hoppy nose in beer. Hoppy, as in the floral, herbal, spicy, fruity, citrusy, woody, piney, or earthy notes that make beer beer. Hop oil is not bitter and does not impart much taste to the beer, but it changes the overall flavor perception dramatically.

(To be technical, hop oil is not one single compound, but more than a thousand of aromatic hydrocarbons, with four main components that technical brewers follow: Myrcene, Farnesene, Humulene, and Caryophyllene.)

What are you offering?

Hop My Beer offers ready-to-use hop oils from a variety of hops that you can simply dose right into your beer when you drink it. All you need to do is add a drop (or more to your liking) in your beer, and it will add the hoppy aroma without adding bitterness or the heavy hoppy taste.

Why should I use it?

Because it’s fun!

To be honest, professional brewers don’t like to use hop oil – it’s really rather tricky to use in a commercial production setting – that’s why you don’t see hop oil much at all. But just because it’s expensive and hard to use and annoys the heck out of all these corporate brewers doesn’t mean we beer drinkers can’t have fun with it. In fact, it’s probably most suitable to tinker with it at the point of consumption.

Most hop oil (and therefore the hop aroma) gets lost during the brewing process. That is, it gets evaporated during the kettle boil, altered and digested by the yeast enzymes, purged off during the fermentation, and oxidized during packaging and in the bottle sitting on the shelf.

By adding hop oil straight into your beer, you get to enjoy these precious aromatic compounds from the hops without all these worries.

But do I really need it?

Well, people have been drinking beer for thousands of years without this website, so I guess you will be fine without. But…

    1. It will make your beer taste better! Hoppier anyway. You’d be surprised how one little drop will liven up your beer!
    2. You get to play and experiment with different hops, without all the messy work of dry hopping and filtering.
    3. You don’t always get good hop notes in commercial beers. Age and oxidation kills the hop aroma first in beer. Ideally we would always be drinking beer straight from the fermenter, but we don’t all live inside a brewery.
    4. You get to learn the different hop profiles in a controlled setting! Want to know how Cascade is different from Centennial? You can compare them in the same beer!
      How do I use it?

      Just add it straight into your beer! One drop of Hop My Beer hop oil will add 5ppm of hop oil in 12oz of beer (roughly equals to dry hopping 0.5oz of hop in a 5 gallon batch). See How to Use.

      Our official preferred direction of usage:

        1. Shake it (the Hop My Beer hop oil, not the beer!)
        2. Add 1~2 drops into a glass, pour beer over
        3. Smell the hop and enjoy!

          If you are a homebrewer – yes, you can absolutely add it in the bottle, in the fermenter, or in the kettle… although I’d recommend using it for trial purposes and adding it late rather than early, for the reasons I explained above.

          How Many beers can I hop per bottle?

          With one 10ml bottle of hop oil, you can dose more than 2 cases of beer with 1~2 drops per beer. For those serious hop lovers, 3~4 drops should give you a bold and dominant hoppy aroma, and should still give you more than a case of enjoyment.

          How long does the hop oil last?

          Hop oil is a highly purified product, so it is fairly stable. It should stay good for a couple months if you store it in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration is a really good idea, but it's perfectly ok to keep it in your pocket for the night on the town!
          Like all your favorite beer, it will eventually oxidize and become less potent as it ages, so use it while it’s fresh! We will only ship you the freshest product we have.

          What beer should I use it in?

          You can use Hop My Beer hop oil in any beer (or even other beverages). It does not have to be limited to a certain brand or style. Try different hops in different beers, experiment and have fun! We are talking about adding hops into beer, not reinventing the wheel. You really can’t go wrong! My only tip is: LESS IS MORE!

          Can you recommend some recipes?

          I’d love to offer recommendations on which hop to use in what beer (and I certainly have my favorites), but it would annoy my friends in the big breweries too much. So I may hint but not name specific beer. (And honestly I don't always get to taste everything that's out there.) Please do try different hops in different beers and post your feedback on the customer reviews for each hop!

          I don’t like hoppy beer! I hate IPA!

          You Jerk!

          Actually, many of my friends don’t like hoppy beer or heavy IPAs. These beers are often too bitter, too heavy tasting, and just in general not very refreshing on a hot day. But the Hop My Beer hop oil will not add the bitterness or the hoppy taste to your beer. In fact, with hop oil, less is often more. Just a hint of hop aroma, be it herbal or citrusy, can really liven up a beer, making it more thirst quenching and drinkable. You don’t need to be a hophead to enjoy hop oil!

          I feel guilty to adulterate a craft beer!

          I do, too. Brewing is an art, where the brewer creates a certain beer for a certain intended flavor profile to be consumed in a certain way. I respect other brewers and respect their artistic intentions. That goes for the larger brewers and their marketing department’s intentions, too.

          That said, other than telling the marketing people that they really don’t know anything about brewing and shouldn’t run a beer company, I am going to tell you about a beer from one of my favorite brewpubs… This brewpub makes a wonderful American Pale ale with punches of American hops (Centennial and Cascade to be specific). One day the assistant brewer mistakenly dry hopped it with Tettnanger, a German noble hop, and the result was simply AMAZING. The moral of the story? Don’t limit yourself with predefined rules. Experiment, push the boundary, and be creative! That is what art is about!

          Is it all natural? How is the hop oil made?

          Yes. All of our hop oils are extracted from whole hops using steam distillation without any chemicals or solvents. It’s even Reinheitsgebot (The German Beer Purity Law) compliant!

          Does hop oil provide any health benefits?

          Maybe, probably, yes and no. There are a lot of discussions on hops and essential oils, but I will let you google it yourself! This is an FDA question that I cannot answer. But a hoppy good beer can make you happy, which is always good for you.

          Will it make me more drunk?

          Short answer, No.

          Hop oil doesn’t get you drunk. Although if you enjoy your hoppy beer too much and decide to have a couple too many, you will get drunk. And to be perfectly responsible adults, you should always enjoy your beer responsibly.

          Does it make me sexy?

          Absolutely. Sexy with good taste, and smell nice, too!

          Why should I trust you?

          You shouldn’t, and that’s the beauty of beer – it’s for everyman and everywoman, and you need not be an expert with deep pockets to enjoy beer. That’s why we are offering ready-to-dose hop oils for you to make your beer the way you like it!

          That said, I am a professionally trained brewer who worked in a big brewery and wish I didn’t drink so much light beer. I have a lot of fun with beer and hop oils, and I want you to have fun, too!

          I want discount promo codes! Where can I find them?

          We find all the cool things on facebook Facebook, so you should like us on facebook and find them there! Also, we all like to play the social media game -- so tag us on your tweets or Instangram #HopMyBeer -- surely we will notice :)

          We are the local ABC homebrew club. Do you offer special packages for us?

          We love homebrewers and homebrew clubs! It would be so much fun to play with hop oils at the club meeting! Contact us and tell us your needs, and we can certainly offer homebrew club specials!

          I want hop oil of this XYZ hop, can you offer it?

          Probably yes. We are always adding new hops on the website. Send us an e-mail and let us know what you are looking for, and we may just make it happen!