Tetra Hop

Tetra Hop

$ 5.00

No. This is not hop oil. But some of you asked, so we are offering it.

tetra-hydro-iso-alpha acids

Sometimes the beer is just not bitter enough... the malty sweetness may be too dominant, making the beer single dimensioned. A little bitterness balances it off and makes the beer more thirst quenching. For those of you hopheads overdosing hop oils, you may find the beer not bitter enough to match the strong hop nose. Don't worry, now you have an easy way to kick up the bitterness!

Iso-alpha acids are the compounds responsible for the bitterness in beer. Naturally converted from the hop alpha acids during kettle boils, it is technically defined that 1 ppm of Iso-alpha acids provides 1 IBU of bitterness. It is also those iso-alpha acids that are sensitive to UV light and cause the lightstruck skunky note for beers packaged in clear or green bottles.
Our tetra-hydro-iso-alpha acids are further processed (hydrolized, thus the name) to remove the parts that can turn skunky -- so you can carry it around without worry. (why? you don't keep a pet skunk in your pocket?)

Yup! One drop adds 5 IBU to 12 oz of beer, which is the just noticeable difference for hop bitterness. You should be able to taste a notch more bitterness with one drop. Depending on the beer, you may find that a few more drops are necessary for the perfect balance... and realize that bitter beer is so underrated!

Honestly, most domestic light beers can use at least 15 IBU more... Try telling the marketing people with your bitter beer face! ;)

PS. DO NOT try this straight out of the bottle! You have be warned!